Nanchang Wanhua biochemical products Co., Ltd. is located in 9th Building, First phase of the Jiahai Industrial Park, Nanchang 330096, and P.R. China. Our company was established in 2000 and is a private high-tech enterprises, mainly producing biological products as its leading products.There are 35 existing staff, including 25 professional and technical personnels, accounting for 71% of the total workforce.

Company is based on scienctiifc and technological development, and has successively coorperated with China Agricultural University,Jiangnan University, Nanchang University, Jiangxi Normal University and so on, which is on researching genetic engineering, the purification technology of biochemical products.At present, our company possesses 7 national invention patents,such as Urokinase and Aprotinin and so on.

Ever since its establishment, our company has been successively judged the high-tech enterprises, Nanchang science and technology model enterprises, Nanchang enzyme engineering technology research center from Jiangxi Provincial Governent and Nanchang Government. The products,such as Urokinase, Aprotinin, pancreatic kiniogenase, chorionic gonadotrophin, have been hornored as national important new products; The products, such as Aprotinin, pancreatic kiniogenase, menotrophin, have won several progress prizes in science and technology in Jiangxi province and Nanchang City.

Our main products is Urokinase, Aprotinin, Hyaluronidase, which mainly exported to Europe, America, Asia and so on.

Our company configured the equipments corresponding to production according to production requirements of biochemical API and GMP to select model. In addition, our company has established a set of complete and operable file system and DMF documents required by the exported state enterprise registration according to the requirments of the latest version EU GMP .

In order to expand production scale, in 2016 ,our company has launched a new plant construction (located in Jiahai industrial park, Tianxiang road of Nanchang high-tech development zone). Our company designs the new production workshop according to the standard of the European Union and China's new GMP. The new factory was officially put into production in 2018.