Nanchang Wanhua Biochem Products Co., Ltd., located in Nanchang State New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone, founded in 1993, is a private owned company with experience in production of bulk materials for use in the pharmaceutical manufacture. Nowadays, the company is the key supplier of biopharmaceutical products in China.

Wanhua Biochem is specialized in the production of human urine extracts such as Urokinase (UK). With a great deal of urine collect spots, we get fresh and safe urine for our daily production.Wanhua Biochem also produce animal extracts such as Aprotinin. All animal tissues use as source material for production are come from non-epidemic disease area and the slaughterhouses approved by the government quarantine authorities. These products are come from the standardized workshops meets the update requirements for the production.

Wanhua Biochem is in charge of the quality of products. All the operations at the workshops are performed under GMP operation guidelines and controlled under Quality Assurance System. All products are supplied with certificates and are audit traceable.
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